UNQ009 Jorge Ciccioli – Translate EP

Jorge Ciccioli – Translate Ep – Unique Community 009

Remixes by Elmar StratheOverheads & Asio (ala R-play)


UNQ009A1 Jorge Ciccioli – Translation (Original Mix)

UNQ009A2 Jorge Ciccioli – Translation (Elmar StratheRemix)

UNQ009A3 Jorge Ciccioli – Translation (OverheadsRemix)

UNQ009B1 Jorge Ciccioli – Voidvod (Original Mix)

UNQ009B2 Jorge Ciccioli – Voidvod (Asio aka R-Play Remix)


Elmar Strathe (Minus – 5D)



Overheads (Trapez)



Asio (aka R-play) (Orbeatal)


  • https://soundcloud.com/unique-community/unq009a1-jorge-ciccioli-translation-original-mix

UNQ008 Mekas – Lidherma

Artist: Mekas

Title: Lidherma
Label: Unique Community
Cat#: UNQ008
Release Date:

1. Mekas – Bernal (Original Mix)
2. Mekas – Tool (Original Mix)
3. Mekas – Volturno (Original Mix)

UNQ007 Click Box – Sintoma EP

Artist: Click Box

Title: Sintoma EP
Label: Unique Community
Cat#: UNQ007
Release Date: October 30th on Beatport exclusive!

1. Click Box – Sintoma (Original Mix)

2. Click Box – Dreamy (Original Mix)

3. Click Box – Nextoo (Original Mix)

4. Click Box – Mission (Original Mix)

5. Click Box – Redirect (Original Mix)

6. Click Box – Trap (Original Mix)

UNQ006 SEPH, Sasha Carassi, Knobs and Mekas- Dinama EP

Artist: SEPH

Featuring artist: Sasha Carassi, Knobs and Mekas
Title: Dinama EP
Label: Unique Community
Cat#: UNQ006
Release Date: April 16th on Beatport exclusive!

1. SEPH– Dinama (Original Mix)
2.SEPH– Dinama (Sasha Carassi Remix)
3.SEPH– Dinama (Mekas Remix)
4.SEPH– Dinama (Knobs Remix)


Here are some DJ feedbacks: 

JOSH WINK: Liking the Mekas Rmx.
PIG & DAN: nice original with some pretty pumping remixes thnxs
SLAM: cool dub techno
DANNY HOWELLS: Cool Ep .. will dig into this, thanks!
RADIAL: cool! original mix for me
TIM XAVIER: nice release!
JOACHIM SPIETH: all versions are nice, Sasha Caressi remix is best for me.
JORGE SAVORETTI: cool original and nice remixes! all work!ANGEL MOLINA: I´ll test ‘Sasha Carassi Remix’, nice oldschool feel on it. thanks.
LUIGI MADONNA: great ep! sasha dmx for me tnx
ANTON PIEETE: nice one from seph!


UNQ005 Unique Community V. A.

Artist:  Bodeler, Juan Zolbaran, Javier Ferreira, Gabriel Ferreira, Juan Zolbaran, Ariel Rodz, Jorge Ciccioli, Diego Cid, Mekas & Splatter.

Featuring artist: Someone Else.
Title: Unique Community V. A.
Label: Unique Community
Cat#: UNQ005
Release Date: January 20th on Beatport exclusive!

1. Bodeler – Epok (Original Mix)
2. Juan Zolbaran – Secuencia B (Original Mix)
3. Javier Ferreira – Moi Aussi (Original Mix)
4. Gabriel Ferreira – Donatellas (Original Mix)
5. Juan Zolbaran – Mind (Someone Else Remix)
6. Ariel Rodz – Shadows (Original Mix)
7. Jorge Ciccioli – Apollo (Original Mix)
8. Diego Cid – Recall (Original Mix)
9. Mekas – Unimog (Original Mix)
10. Splatter – Baer (Original Mix)

UNQ004 Click Box, Miro Pajic & Danny Benedettini – The Choice EP

Artist: Click Box

Featuring artist: Miro Pajic, Danny Benedettini
Title: The Choice EP
Label: Unique Community
Cat#: UNQ004
Release Date: August 5th on Beatport exclusive!

1. Click Box – The Choice (Original Mix)
2. Click Box – Sci.Fi Loop (Original Mix)
3. Click Box – Sci.Fi Loop (Miro Pajic Remix)
4. Click Box – Sci.Fi Loop (Danny Benedettini Remix)


Click Box presents “The Choice EP “, the fourth release of Unique Community, the Argentine label based in Buenos Aires that brings together leading artists of the techno, tech house and minimal techno scene, locally and internationally.

Click Box presents 2 original tracks called “ The Choice” and “Sci.Fi Loop”; this last one comes with remixes of Miro Pajic and Danny Benedettini.
“The Choice” is the principal track of the EP and it fusions the industrial 80’s sound with classic drums and these days minimal techno with some electro arrangements that gives the label the unmistakable sound of Click Box. It’s a strong track for the dancefloor.
Sci.Fi Loop (Original Mix) combines pieces of acid, techno and minimal, with some electro twerks that gives the unmistakable sound of Click Box.
The remix from Miro Pajic has an involving sound, with an atmosphere that it sticks right to his style but keeps the bass from the original, which leaves us a really hypnotic and mindblowing track.
Finally, the remix from Danny Benedettini,where you can see his touch in the track because it has synthesizers, 80’s drums and a fusion between disco-minimal really interesting.

UNQ003 Alexi Delano – It´s Me. Missing You EP

Artist: Alexi Delano

Featuring artist: Bodeler, Marc Miroir, Javier Ferreira
Title: It’s Me. Missing You EP
Label: Unique Community
Cat#: UNQ003
Release Date: may 3th on Beatport exclusive!

1. Alexi Delano – It’s Me. Missing You (Original Mix)
2. Alexi Delano – It’s Me. Missing You (Bodeler Remix)
3. Alexi Delano – It’s Me. Missing You (Javier Ferreira Remix)
4. Alexi Delano – It’s Me. Missing You (Marc Miroir Remix)



May arrives with the 3rd reléase of Unique Community under the handkerchief. 
This time will be the recognized and respected ALEXI DELANO who is coming with a new álbum, which comes with the original track besides including three remixes.
In “It’s Me, Missing You EP” we find such a versatile album as solid, which tries to integrate an authentic techno-house with deep house parts without leaving apart the minimalism, to generate a harmony mix of sounds, ideal for different moments of the night.
The original put us in a deep atmosphere in where deep and house music fusionates in between them showing us why Alexis besides being a techno figure, has never forgotten his roots, tos hove us into his characteristic darkness.
Javier Ferreira’s remix is definetly a bomb created to shake the dancefloor, lots of groovy sounds with downs and explosive ups that remind us the crazy Unique nights at Crobar Buenos Aires.
Bodeler is presenting a remix that combines the finest pieces of micro house deep and some technomusic, scoring the perfect balance, which will hipnotize you from start till the end, without loosing effectiveness.
Last but not least, the German Marc Miroir is in charge of closing this álbum showing an European versión that it might be more sober than the rest.


(UNQ002) Ronan Portela & Ariel Rodz – Mute Noise EP – (incl. remixes by Alex Under & Jonas Kopp)

Artist: Ronan Portela & Ariel Rodz
Featuring artist: Alex Under, Jonas Kopp
Label: Unique Community
Cat#: UNQ002  

Release date: 30.01.2013 excl Beatport

Official Release: 8.02.2013 all shops!


01.-Icon Mute (original)

02.-Icon Mute (Alex Under remix)

03.-Among Noise (original)

04.-Among Noise (Jonas Kopp remix)






The second release of UNIQUE COMMUNITY is ready to take by sorprise worldwide dancefloors. The envelope  bass and the catchy rythms of “Among Noise”- Ronan Portela & Ariel Rodz its going to become for sure, Dj’s favorite track. Meanwhile “Icon Mute” will certainly leave you breathless after dancing their dark beats.

The EP includes a remix of “Among Noise”, courtesy of Jonas Kopp, that highlights the incredible sounds that come from the Argentine underground techno scene, transporting you to a party in a basement somewhere in the center of Buenos Aires with all the rudeness entails. Meanwhile, Alex Under remix of “Icon Mute” takes us on a journey through the techno sounds of Madrid, with its beautiful crowd and sound, with the strength and hypnotic synths that are very characteristic of the golden generation of Spanish techno.

Ronan Portela & Ariel Rodz’s EP certainly defines the unique sound of UNIQUE.


(UNQ001) Gabriel Ferreira – Blap EP (Incl. remixes by Click Box & Brian Gros)


Artist: Gabriel Ferreira
Featuring artist: Click Box, Brian Gros
Title: Blap EP
Label: Unique Community
Cat#: UNQ001
Release Date: out NOW on Beatport exclusive!

1. Gabriel Ferreira – Blap (Original Mix)
2. Gabriel Ferreira – Blap (Brian Gros Remix) 
3. Gabriel Ferreira – Blap (ClicK Box ‘Bleeps and Blaps’ Remix)

Gabriel Ferreira – Blap EP

The label’s debut release is Gabriel Ferreira’s “BLAP E.P.”, which is sure to storm on dance floors on both sides of the Atlantic. The original version has already become a DJ favorite and seems to highlight the new sounds coming out from Argentina, highlighting what Unique Community is all about.  The Original Mix reminds us of the fun acid techno that used to come out of Cologne back in the 90s but with a new flair. 

The Brian Gros remix reminds us of Argentina’s dark underground techno parties which go on until the a day after with the click-y sounds expected at one of Emma’s events.

Brazilian duo Click Box ‘bleeps and blaps’ remix is much more than the title describes as it takes us on a journey into a hot Brazilian “clique house” vibe with a minimal spice thrown over it.  Gabriel Ferreira’s E.P. is definitely the perfect introduction to the sounds of Unique

here first Quotes:

“Solid stuff -click box rmx is my favorite…. good luck with the label :)))) ” – Ali Schwarz, Tiefschwarz

“LOVE IT! … Really dig the original.  Others good but original does it for me.  Very good stuff and great first release! Killer artwork!”  – Richard Bloor, Tipworld/10kilo rec

 “Outstanding EP. Completely alienated & dark sounding Techno – Highly Recommended!”- Tomas Bodeler

Gabriel Ferreira – Blap (Original Mix) 6.27: “Great track, excellent for the dance floor with a hint of old-school acid and an amazing groove, this is the version that identifies the most to the sound that I have played forever. Congratulations to UNIQUE for their first EP and the sound they are presenting got the label’s debut.” – Miguel Silver

A really complete E.P. with several variants from a dark techno feel in Brian’s remix, up to a danceable remix from Clickbox, but I personally enjoy Gabriel’s remix the best, it is storming dance floor hit! – Jav Ferreira


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